The Sound of Science (科学之声)

2月12日是达尔文纪念日。m发给我一个youtube的链接,我一听就笑翻了。有人把老歌’寂静之声'(The Sound of Silence)歌词改编成了’科学之声’(The Sound of Science),很是有趣。歌词说,’理论就是我们从科学中所发现的东西背后的规律,就是从我们无尽脑海中抽象出来的系统。'(Because a theory is a system of abstractions in our finite minds, of laws behind the things we find with science.) 能把这句话当成歌来唱的,不是奇才是什么。


The Sound of Science

Am                          G
Hello Darwin my old friend
I’ve come to read from you again
F              C
You comfort me when I grow weary
F              C
Of people saying “it’s just a theory”
F                                                                      C
Because a theory is a system of abstractions in our finite minds
Of laws behind
G            Am
The things we find with science.
And on the Internet I saw
A billion people, maybe more
People clinging to old delusions
People jumping to conclusions
People holding superstitions that are obviously quite absurd
Who’d never heard
A single word of science.
How do you think a doctor knows
How a disease like cancer grows?
How did we learn how we might treat it?
How do you think one day we might beat it?
It won’t be by taking sugar pills or standing on one leg for hours
While eating flowers:
But through the powers of science.
If you have answers and you’re sure
They’re better than what came before
Make your hypothesis and test it
Take the results that you’ve collected
Then you write them in a paper and submit it for a peer review
That’s what we do
To check it’s truly science.
And the people stood and prayed
They said “our faith cannot be swayed”:
They have their views and they won’t move them
They have their truths and they won’t prove them
They’ll take the words of the prophets over fossils that were really found
Beneath the ground
They don’t like the sound of science.
(With apologies to Simon and Garfunkel)

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